The school

El Plantío International School has offered a British education for students between the ages of 2 and 18 since 1982. During the Early Years, Primary and Secondary, the National Curriculum for England is taught and the pre-university education is completed through the International Baccalaureate.

The school is an examination centre of the University of Cambridge, Trinity College London and the International Baccalaureate organisation.

International education

Our main goal is for each student to enhance their abilities in a multicultural environment, making knowledge of multiple languages essential.

English is the primary language at the school across all levels. Starting at the age of 5, Spanish is taught as a subject and the language of the autonomous community, Valencian, is also introduced. Starting in Primary, students begin studying a second foreign language and can choose either French or German. Students may also opt to study languages like Chinese after school hours.

After completing their studies, students can continue at universities both in Spain and abroad, where they demonstrate the skills they have acquired in an international education system.


At El Plantío International School we prepare people for today’s world, providing them with the necessary tools to develop their own identity in every aspect of their lives.

Our ideology

Study through research makes humankind more competitive and free.
This is what we have always intended to offer our students at El Plantio International School.

We seek to create better people according to their environment and their time. To do so, in addition to the use of different languages, we reinforce research, the acquisition of computer skills, artistic expression, the performing arts as a form of communication, athletic skills and social relations based on the values of respect for the environment and personal responsibility.

Comprehensive education

Our programmes not only guarantee a high academic level, but also a solid education in values that take into account all aspects of the student: intellectual, social, emotional, physical, ethical and moral.

Would you like to be an actor or actress?

Find out about the options we offer to study the performing arts.