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El Plantio International School is pleased to offer your children the opportunity to enjoy the summer learning English.- more details-

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The school has a fully-equipped dining room and kitchen. All the students take lunch in the school following a varied Mediterranean diet.

Lunch is served in three sittings beginning with the youngest pupils in Primary and ending with the Secondary and IB students who also have buffet service.

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Edificio IBThe learning support team is comprised of professionals covering the areas of pedagogy, psychology and Special Needs and works throughout El Plantío International School community to ensure all individual requirements are addressed.

One important aspect of the work carried out by the department is the prevention, detection and treatment of educational, development and learning difficulties which may affect our pupils, in collaboration with all the teaching staff.

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Many of our students come to school using the buses which serve Valencia city as well as the many towns and villages Futbolaround La Cañanda.

Every year the routes are modified and adapted to serve the needs of all our families. All the buses used comply with the health and safety regulations in force.

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Students have the option of complementing their studies with extra-curricular activities which take place from 16.45 – 17.45. Once the classes have terminated the students may return home using school transport which serves the main arteries of Valencia.

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